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NFL Season Preview

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment

The NFL season is almost here, which means its time for Jeff Lail and I to make our predictions for the upcoming season. Listen to find out our Over/Under predictions on each NFL Team, our selections for the Division winners, and you’ll be surprised to find out our Super Bowl match-up. In OT we pick the MVP and Rookie of the Year and much more. All on the Ridiculous Things Podcast:

Date: 9/2/2010
Length: 1 Hour
Guests: Jeff Lail

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Taking Your Talents to South Beach (Part 2)

In this episode, Jeff Lail and Steven Burleson join the podcast to talk about introducing the business of sports into the everyday workplace.  Part 2 begins with a discussion about Sabermetrics and evaluating how we hire and train people in various industries as well as managing risk when hiring new employees.  Jeff applies this principle to the Student Activities environment and I approach it from the perspective of the retail business.  Steven joins at the end of the podcast and we introduce these principles to ministry.  Despite the technical difficulties throughout (I actually get kicked off the broadcast at one point), this turns into a fascinating conversation on hiring principles and the criteria (tangible and intangible) that is considered when hiring and training new employees.

Date: 8/19/2010
Length: 1 Hour
Guests: Jeff Lail and Steven Burleson

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Taking Your Talents to South Beach

…or You’ve Been Traded for a Player to Be Named Later.

My recent podcast on Ridiculous Things where Jeff Lail and I discuss the potential of combining sports contracts/trades/free agency to the everyday workplace.  I focus on the retail business while Jeff focuses on higher education.  We both agreed that this was Part 1 with other podcasts to follow on this subject.  I opt for the no trade clause and Jeff wants to get called up to “The Show.”

Date: 8/14/2010
Guest: Jeff Lail
Length: 1 hour

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