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Victory Begins Here

I was bored today at work and I wrote a commercial in my head.

Nike if you decide to use this idea, all I ask for is $200,000.

Fade in.
Black background w/intimate lighting.
Tiger Woods sitting on stool/chair wearing a golf shirt (not red).  No hat.
Closeup on Tiger.

“I’m not perfect.”
I always strive to be the best
But even I have bad days.”

Cue footage of Tiger shanking drives, missing putts, breaking clubs, etc.  The worst of the worst Tiger shots.
Here is a good sample

“Sometimes it gets painful.
But you have to play through.”

“And in the end, if you persevere…
This is what champions are made of…”

Fade to black.

Fade in white letters

Victory Begins Here

Nike logo.
Nike should shoot this commercial sometime in the new year and shelve it until Tiger is playing in a major on a Saturday/Sunday.  Imagine if Tiger somehow made it back to the Masters/US Open this year and was in contention.  Forget about all the insanity surrounding his life and the cornucopia of opinions about him.  If I’m a guy, a sports guy, sitting on the couch on a Sunday knowing that Tiger has a shot at a major and this commercial comes on, I’m getting chills.

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